Man holding large fish along Farmington River

Fishing at Connecticut State Parks

Connecticut is fortunate to have over 180 public lakes and ponds and thousands of miles of rivers and streams teeming with a variety of gamefish and panfish. From the freshwater lakes and ponds that dot the landscape to the briny waters of the Long Island Sound to the cold-water habitats of our snow-fed rivers, Connecticut’s well-stocked fisheries beckon anglers from across New England and beyond. 

Whether you’re looking for trophy size bass or trout in one of our special management areas, large walleye or pike through the ice or just want to relax on a warm summer’s day fishing for bluegills, a bounty of fish awaits everyone from the most seasoned anglers to those casting a line for the first time. 

Father and son fishing along Squantz Pond in New Fairfield
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