Man mountain biking through backwoods at state park

Biking in Connecticut State Parks

Whether you’re itching to shred some singletrack or take a long, leisurely ride through the countryside along one of the state’s converted rail trails, look no further than Connecticut’s hundreds of miles of scenic trails and roads ideal for both road and mountain biking. Take it easy or test your skills — all while enjoying the serene views of farms, forests, mountains, rivers, and all of the natural beauty Connecticut has to offer. 

Man mountain biking over rocks with waterfall in background
Father teaching son to ride his bike in state park

Trail Guidelines

Connecticut State Parks and Forests are open every day from 8 a.m. to sunset. Therefore, night riding is prohibited. Sharing trails is a realistic goal if bikes are operated in a reasonable manner. It is your responsibility to ensure that your use of the trails does not impair that of other trail users, or damage the trails themselves. The actions of a few individuals often speak for a whole group, and mountain bikers are no exception. When mountain biking, be aware that you will be sharing trails with hikers, equestrians, hunters, and others. A set of guidelines has been adopted which is intended to minimize conflict with other user groups.

  • Respect Your Head 
    For your safety, please wear a helmet. 
  • Respect Other Users 
    Yield the trail to hikers and horseback riders. Excessive speed may frighten other trail users. Use courtesy and caution when approaching or overtaking others.
  • Respect The Environment 
    Avoid skidding your tires; it promotes trail erosion. Do not take short cuts or create new paths. Avoid riding after a rain or during the spring thaw. Do not litter. Do not create trail “braids” by riding around fallen logs, puddles, or other obstacles.
  • Respect Closed Trails 
    Trails are closed for a reason, usually environmental impact or potential user conflict. Check with park staff if you are unsure of which trails are open to bicyclists.

Mountain bikes can be used on all designated multi-use trails unless posted otherwise. The statewide Blue-Blazed hiking trail system is maintained by the Connecticut Forest and Park Association, a private non-profit conservation organization, and therefore these trails are closed to mountain bikers, as is the Appalachian Trail.

Riding During Hunting Season

Hunting is allowed at most state forests and wildlife management areas. Become familiar with hunting season dates and various outdoor safety tips.

If you choose to ride where hunting is permitted:

  • Call out to hunters to identify your position;
  • Wear bright colors, such as fluorescent orange; 
  • Do not wear white, gray, brown, or tan clothing.

Volunteer Information

If you would like to volunteer your time to help maintain trails, contact your local park supervisor or one of Connecticut’s six NEMBA chapters.

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